Nathan Stanley- Stanley was the guy I was most excited to see and despite inconsistent accuracy he clearly has the best arm of the three quarterbacks in my opinion. I think his accuracy might improve over the course of the week as he works under center more. The limited footage I was able to see of him featured him exclusively in shotgun, so keep that in mind. He does seem to dip the ball down a bit when he’s throwing the ball down the field but he has some intriguing tools to work with.

Collin Klein- Klein is facing an uphill battle to prove that he can play quarterback at the next level but his throwing motion seems to have a slight pause at the top. It doesn’t seem to come off his hand naturally. Obviously he’s not the most accurate quarterback either, but he doesn’t have velocity to compensate and that makes him hard to like. I’m sure he will be great in interviews and you can’t discredit what he brought to the table for K-State, but this is not an atmosphere conducive to his skill set.

Colby Cameron- I was pleasantly surprised with Cameron’s velocity today. I didn’t think he had much beyond average velocity, and I haven’t seen him throwing outside the hashes 10-15 yards down the field yet, but he had velocity down the middle of the field and towards the hashes as well. I don’t think he has great arm strength by any means, but I was pleasantly surprised. Plenty of people will like him the most out of this group, and I look forward to seeing him more this week.

Ray Graham- Graham’s shiftiness was on full display today even though they weren’t in pads, but there’s not a ton you can take away without full pads. Still, he’s one of the best players here and he flashed today without a doubt.

Corey Fuller- Fuller is one of my favorite sleepers this year and I really think he’s just scratching the surface of what he can do. He has room to improve obviously, but he runs smoothly, he has track speed and he has reliable hands. He didn’t look like he was running great routes today, but I’m interested to see if he improves over the course of the week. He is going to be a big riser in my opinion, and as I said in my preview I prefer him to his teammate Marcus Davis.

Rodney Smith- Smith had one of the best catches of the day going up in traffic and high pointing a pass that probably should have been intercepted. He’s so tall and lanky, but he impressed me when I saw him today.

D.C. Jefferson- I didn’t see much of Jefferson blocking today but he looked great catching the ball when I saw him. He showed that he could go up and catch passes with his hands and I didn’t see him drop one. I really think he was misused/underutilized at Rutgers (I don’t think there are many that don’t feel this way) and could really help himself this week. Today was a good start based on what I saw.

Terron Armstead- Armstead is an impressive athlete but he wasn’t getting much push in the run game early in practice and I don’t think he did a great job mirroring in pass protection. He opened his hips up too early a couple times in pass protection and made him vulnerable to the inside move, but he has the athleticism and length to force pass rushers wide.

Nick Speller- I hadn’t seen Speller before but he didn’t seem to sustain blocks that well and despite flashing a solid initial punch that wasn’t enough to slow Catapano down in pass protection a couple times. He shocked him once, but Catapano’s active hands and motor overwhelmed him.

R.J. Dill- Dill has NFL tackle size but he struggled to push Catapano off the ball in the run game when I saw him. I haven’t scouted him before, so I’m still feeling him out as a prospect.

David Bass- Bass was a player I was very excited to see this week. He was surprisingly active versus the run and showed that he could use his length well to keep linemen off of him and didn’t let Terron Armstead or Nick Speller move him off the ball in the run game. A couple times Mark Jackson’s length seemed to neutralize him when rushing the passer, but I was encouraged by what I saw versus the run. He did bite hard on the run and not keep contain on a play action bootleg, allowing the quarterback to roll out uncontested for an easy completion. I was encouraged with what I saw from him today, and he is definitely one kid I am excited to see all week.

Anthony McCloud- As I mentioned in my preview for this game, McCloud isn’t going to penetrate into the backfield and be exceedingly disruptive. That was what I saw today as he was borderline impossible to move off the ball when matched up with an offensive lineman one on one. He has natural leverage and is well built and strong at the point of attack. I look forward to seeing how he pushes the pocket and stands up to double teams throughout the week.

Mike Catapano- Catapano is a kid I wasn’t blown away by on film, but he’s hard not to like. He’s a high effort player with active hands who is going to make the most of his ability. He’s not going to be a dynamic pass rusher, but I think he has a great shot to stick on a roster. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him this week.

Devin Taylor- Taylor is obviously one of the best athletes here thanks to his combination of size and athleticism. He still looks stiff to me but his athleticism off the snap gives him an advantage against some offensive linemen who aren’t exactly stellar athletes. His quickness gave Armstead issues a couple times in pass protection.

Melvin White- I didn’t see White much today, but I hope they let him press this week. I’m not sure I love him in a zone scheme based off of what I’ve seen on film, but I think he has a lot of potential as a press corner thanks to his length. I want to see how his hips and feet look this week, but I think he’s going to be in vogue because of how tall and long he is.

Cooper Taylor- I was really looking forward to seeing him and he didn’t disappoint today. He seemed to have a good feel in coverage and had an interception early on in the practice. He looked surprisingly fluid to me for a 6’4″ safety and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.