I guess Mallett's rumored character conerns aren't so far-fetched after all...

According to a report from MrSEC.com Mallett admitted drug use to a NFL GM during an interview. Here is the article in which it is mentioned:

It’s a very interesting article, and it sure is interesting how Cam Newton’s concerns are made more significant, but Mallett’s are brushed under the rug a bit because he was honest about them. It’s an interesting dichotomy. Don’t forget that NFL Draft Monsters (the web site that I contribute to) broke this story about Mallett using drugs first. Ben Allbright, the founder of NFL Draft Monsters, reported this months ago during the East-West Shrine Game practice week. Now it seems all the nay-sayers were incorrect as Ben’s sources seem to have been accurate. Just remember who brought you the news first! Ben Allbright and NFL Draft Monsters.

It will be very interesting to see where Mallett goes considering these reports, I would be surprised to see him go in the top 20 but who knows… stranger things have happened on draft day.

Thanks for reading!