It sounds like McNabb may be sporting Vikings colors soon after NFL teams are able to trade their players, and for only a 6th round pick.

Donovan McNabb appears to be on the move, finally being freed from the doghouse in Washington. According to NFL Network and Jay Glazeer, McNabb will be dealt to the Vikings for only a 6th round pick. This reported deal is conditional on the Vikings agreeing to a restructured contract with McNabb, but that shouldn’t be a monumental issue considering the Vikings would likely want to have him for more than just one season (and probably don’t want to pay him $12.5 million for that one year either).

I regularly give the Vikings grief for stupid signings, trades and overall poor management, but this is a suave move that is not typical of their organization. They pick up McNabb for a cheap price and fill a significant need with the acquisition, and should be able to get him for a reasonable cap number once they restructure his deal.

I will update this once this is confirmed in the coming days, but right now it sounds like this deal is promising and should go through once contract negotiations are completed. This is a great trade for the Vikings, and Christian Ponder and the rest of the organization should be excited for this move to go through.

**Update** According to Pro Football Talk and Jay Glazer the deal is for a 2012 6th round pick and a conditional 2013 6th round pick. I will keep this post updated as more details (such as contract info, confirmations) become available.