Scouting Report:

I think House will be a quality starting corner in the NFL. I like his ability in man coverage as well as his ball skills.

Positives: House has a good combination of size, speed and athletic ability. He has a lot of experience at cornerback as he was a four year starter and was very productive as a starter. He has good hips to turn and run with receivers and seems to have solid footwork. He is good in man coverage and likes to play press coverage and turns and runs well with receivers after he jams them. He closes on the ball well, plays the ball well in the air and has good ball skills as represented by his 37 pass break ups and 10 interceptions in his college career. He reads run well but doesn’t bit on play action and will come up and play the run.

Negatives: Could stand to improve his footwork a bit and doesn’t have a lot of experience in zone coverage. He doesn’t tackle very well and while he will support the run well he doesn’t often take good angles to the ball and doesn’t get off receiver blocks well. Will open his hips up prematurely which hurts his balance and needs to make sure he doesn’t stay handsy in coverage in the NFL because he is used to being able to maintain contain beyond five yards in college which will be a penalty in the NFL.

Overall: I like House as a prospect. He has good speed, he’s physical, he is good in man coverage and is solid in zone coverage from what I could see. He also has good ball skills and seems to have good instincts in coverage. I think he will be a good starting corner in the NFL, but I don’t think he will be a #1. I think he could be a good #2 that makes a lot of plays on the ball because he is challenged instead of the #1 corner on the roster.

Projection: 2nd round. House is a quality man coverage corner with good speed and ball skills which will make him a valuable commodity in the round two range.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 4.0
Man Coverage: 4.0
Zone Coverage: 3.0
Tackling: 2.0
Ball Skills: 4.0

Thanks for reading!