Hey everyone, sorry I have been so absent lately. Tonight is my last night in Mexico so I have a few scouting reports that I will post once I am home including Blaine Gabbert, A.J. Green and Justin Houston. I have not been able to post predictions for the most recent bowl games, but I have to go on record for how I think the National Championship will go. It starts in thirty minutes, but maybe some people will still read it.

I think this game is going to be a shootout. As soon as I say this it will probably end up a 6-3 game after two overtime periods, but I do not think that either defense is capable of stopping the opposing offense consistently. Oregon is a great passing team and Auburn has a very inconsistent pass defense largely due to a pretty porous defensive backfield. I have a feeling Jeff Maehl and other Oregon receivers will have no problem finding openings in their defense. Cam Newton and Auburn should not have a lot of trouble finding ways to move the ball either, though I imagine their attack will be more focused around the run than the pass.

I think this will be a close game, and I hope it will be too so it is interesting right down to the end. But ultimately I think Auburn will win the game because of Cam Newton. He has led them back again and again this year, and even though I think Oregon may go into halftime with the lead Auburn has been such a good second half (and more importantly, fourth quarter) team this year that I just cannot find it in my heart to bet against them tonight. Newton has proven to be reliable in crunch time and honestly is one of the more clutch quarterbacks in the nation in my opinion. I may have my doubts about him as a pro prospect, but players like Newton usually play their best on stages like this and I expect that to be the case tonight. It will be close, but like great players usually do I think he will give his team the slight edge in what should be a close and high scoring game.

Score: Auburn: 41 – Oregon: 38

Thanks for reading all of my bowl game predictions up until this point. Enjoy the game! I know I will.