Size: Eric Fisher has an ideal left tackle frame. He was officially listed at 6072 (6’7” ¼), 305 pounds at the Senior Bowl weigh-in in January. Playing at that height means he will have some natural issues with pad level, but he’s a natural knee bender so I don’t think it will be a huge problem for him. Fisher has 34” arms which is crucial for playing left tackle as well as huge 10 3/8” hands.

Technique: Fisher’s technique is one of his strong suits. He has a good, smooth kick slide and uses his length effectively. His hand placement is consistently good and he shows good hand replacement when he does let his hands get too far outside. He does bend at the waist occasionally when run blocking, but it’s not a consistent problem in my estimation. He does play a little high at times which negates his strength and effectiveness, but he generally plays with good balance and doesn’t lean too much when run blocking.

Pass Protection: This is the strongest aspect of Fisher’s game. He has the quickness out of his stance, lateral agility, smooth kick slide and impressive length to take away most speed rushes and consistently displayed the ability to recover when beaten to either force the defender wide or to take away a complementary move. He is aware in pass protection and only once in the five games I scouted him in did I see him make what I thought was the wrong block in pass pro. He’s not overly physical in pass protection but he definitely isn’t over-aggressive and that helps him play mistake-free football. He does tend to let the defender dictate the action until he is engaged, but once he engages the defender the play is almost always over for that player. He is somewhat susceptible to bull rushes and power moves thanks to his height, but consistently bending at the knees like he does and continuing to add lower body strength should continue to help him improve in this area. He tends to arch his back when anchoring in pass protection, but he is very difficult to beat with any outside rush. Overall, Fisher is an excellent pass blocker and that should all translate very well to the next level.

Run Blocking: Fisher isn’t a dominant run blocker, but he can generate some push when blocking one on one, blocking down on defensive tackles, and he demonstrated some physicality to finish blocks with pancakes and to take his defender out of the play. He’s not a mauler in the run game, but he is far from a liability in my opinion and should be an above average run blocker in a man scheme at the next level. He is also very quick out of his stance in the run game and that helps him get in position to wall off and seal defenders, get to the second level, or even pull at times. He’s very athletic and moves well when asked to pull and reach linebackers at the next level of the defense. He consistently finds a defender to block when asked to play in space and flashes some pop on contact. Once again, he’s not a mauler, but he has the skill set to be an effective blocker that is far from a liability in this aspect of the game. He does bend at the waist at times as well as lean or overextend which leads to balance issues, but it isn’t a consistent enough problem for me to think he won’t be able to improve on it with coaching at the NFL level.

Overall: Fisher is my number two graded offensive tackle in this class and is second only to Luke Joeckel who I think is a better pass blocker at this juncture while Fisher is the superior run blocker. Joeckel is a better fit in a zone blocking scheme while Fisher fits a man blocking scheme better in my opinion. They are both very good left tackle prospects though, and Fisher is going to be a very good starter at left tackle for the next 10-12 years if he avoids injuries in my opinion. I would not hesitate to draft him in the top 10, and I would be shocked if he made it past Arizona at #7 overall.

Projection: Top 7 lock