Scouting Report:

Terrence Toliver is a clutch receiver and he makes big plays when his team needs them.

Positives: Great size, good deep speed and impressive leaping ability. One word to describe Toliver is “clutch.” He consistently makes big catches on 3rd downs or other critical situations late in games. He makes big catches when his team needs them the most and that is something that I really admire in any position; the ability to make plays when it really counts. He has reliable hands overall and shows some ability to create separation when running routes. He has deceptive deep speed because he is a long strider and can get behind the secondary to make plays downfield. He was clearly the most talented receiver in Orlando and it showed. He shows some effort as a blocker also. Demonstrates pretty good body control as a receiver also. He is surprisingly good after the catch despite not having great quickness, has a good feel for catching the ball and making a move to get into the open field.

Negatives: Might struggle to create separation in the NFL because he doesn’t have great burst or change of direction speed to get in and out of his breaks. Doesn’t have elite speed, and will at times struggle with the occasional drop. Sometimes he will try to turn and run before securing the ball because he loves to catch the ball and turn to run but at times it will result in a drop. He is a pretty finesse player and he isn’t comfortable going over the middle and doesn’t deal with contact well when trying to make catches. I think he will struggle to make catches when getting hit at times once he makes it to the NFL. He isn’t a very good blocker either.

Overall: I really like Toliver as a prospect because he has pretty reliable hands, good speed to threaten deep and he gets good yards after the catch thanks to a good feel for running with the ball. He is also clutch and shows up when his team needs him most, and that is something I respect in receivers and any other position that I scout. I think Toliver will be able to be a solid receiver in the NFL. I think his ceiling is a solid #2 wide receiver but I don’t think he will ever be elite.

Projection: 3rd/4th round. Because Toliver doesn’t have a very high ceiling it hurts his value a bit and unless he improves as a blocker he won’t be a complete receiver. But I definitely think he can contribute as a NFL receiver, potentially as a rookie because he is pretty fundamentally sound.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.0
Hands: 3.5
After Catch: 3.5
Body Control: 3.5
Range: 3.0

Thanks for reading!