Scouting Report:

Devlin has the potential to be a solid NFL starter, but he needs a year or two of development before he will be ready to start.

Positives: Solid size, arm strength and good accuracy. He showed good progress taking snaps from under center when he was down in Orlando which speaks to a pretty good work ethic. He has enough arm strength to make it in the NFL in that it is adequate but nothing special. He usually throws a clean ball but that was not always the case in Orlando as he was still getting used to throwing from under center. He does have good mechanics overall though as he has a quick, fluid release. His accuracy is good, not great but it is definitely good enough to pass effectively in the NFL. Flashes the ability to go through his progressions and can throw his receivers open and leads them effectively. Has good touch on his throws. Shows some feel in the pocket to buy time without leaving the pocket and can find throwing lanes when doing so.

Negatives: He struggled in Orlando when he was taking snaps from under center which is natural for a guy transitioning from a spread offense that operates almost exclusively out of the shotgun to a pro style offense that requires drops from under center. His footwork could use work as he will not step into throws at times and doesn’t reset his feet very well after he has to move or buy more time. He does not deal with pressure well and struggles in the face of it and makes poor decisions when pressured. Devlin doesn’t have the arm strength, accuracy and intangibles to make you think that he can be a franchise QB and he won’t be able to come in and start right away because he will need coaching up before he will be ready to take snaps from under center consistently.

Overall: Devlin’s ceiling is being a solid/good NFL starter but I don’t think he will ever be a very good starter at QB in the NFL. He has enough arm strength and good accuracy which will allow him to be a quality NFL starter if he survives the transition to a pro style offense and becomes comfortable in his offensive system, but his issues in the face of pressure concern me. He holds onto the ball too long, makes poor decisions and doesn’t make decisive decisions in the face of pressure and I don’t think you can learn how to do that at the NFL level very easily. If he is a starter on a team with a good offensive line he could have some success, but I don’t know that he will ever be a perennial playoff winner unless he becomes more comfortable and decisive in the face of pressure. That will be his undoing as a starting QB, but he can still be a productive starting quarterback if he is given time to develop before he enters the game as a starter. He has ability but he needs to be coached up before he becomes a starter.

Projection: 3rd/4th round. He could go in the early-mid 3rd round because this QB class is thin and a lot of QB’s will get over-drafted but if the run on QB’s ends with him still on the board he could be in for a bit of a slide. But for a team that needs an intriguing developmental QB Devlin is about as good as it gets in this draft class and in this range he definitely warrants consideration.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Arm Strength: 3.0
Accuracy: 3.5
Mobility: 2.0
Decision Making: 3.0
Mechanics: 3.0
Pocket Awareness: 2.5
Intangibles: 3.0

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