Scouting Report:

Marecic is an old school football player and should be an effective lead blocker and special teamer in the NFL.

Positives: Marecic is just a tough, old-school football player. He played both ways at Stanford lining up at fullback and linebacker. He will be a fullback in the NFL, but being a linebacker in college will make him even more valuable as a special teamer. He is an effective run blocker and he provides a good pop on contact and is an effective lead blocker. He runs hard with good leg drive when he gets the ball and gets good yards after contact consistently. Attacks defenders in the open field and likes to initiate contact. Shows some ability as a receiver out of the backfield. Very reliable wrap-up tackler.

Negatives: Doesn’t move well enough in space to stick at linebacker, and that also hurts him when blocking on the outside when on offense. Not a serious threat as a runner or receiver and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to himself as a ball carrier. Just not athletic enough to stick at linebacker.

Overall: Marecic projects as a very effective lead blocker in the NFL but he doesn’t offer much of anything as a runner or receiver which limits his value. However, he has the potential to be a very good special teamer because of his effort, work ethic and experience tackling from his days at linebacker.

Projection: 4th/5th round. He may not be versatile as a fullback but he is versatile as a football player and someone will be intrigued by his lead blocking and value as a special teamer in this range.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 2.5
Power: 4.0
Hands: 2.5
Vision: 3.5
Blocking: 4.0

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