Scouting Report:

Jordan Cameron has a lot of potential because of his intriguing athleticism and leaping ability.

Positives: Has an impressive combination of size, athleticism and ball skills. He is a former basketball player who converted to tight end as a senior, so he is raw but has a lot of ability. He shows the speed and quickness to threaten down the seam and shows good burst and athleticism to create separation despite being a raw route runner. He also shows the ability to consistently high point the ball, catch the ball in traffic and shows reliable hands even though he is still learning the position. Shows some ability as a blocker and has a good frame to add more weight, meaning he could get stronger which would help him in the run game. He is raw so he has a lot of potential, making him an intriguing developmental prospect.

Negatives: Definitely raw and lacking technique. He will need work on route running in the NFL and he will have to learn how to attack man coverage and zone coverage, though he seemed to be making progress in that area during the week of practice in Orlando. He doesn’t offer much as a blocker at this point because his technique is so raw and he struggles to sustain blocks. I don’t think he will ever be much of a drive blocker, but he could be a solid wall-off blocker. I haven’t seen him much, if at all, in pass protection but because he is so new to the position I imagine he has a lot of work to do in that department.

Overall: Cameron has a lot of ability even though he is new to the position. He is a converted basketball player so he has impressive leaping ability and intriguing athleticism for the position. He will need to be coached up and developed as a blocker but his potential as a receiver is more than enough to warrant picking him up in the mid-rounds. He has a lot of potential and converted basketball players have become hot commodities for the tight end positions in recent years, so I could see Cameron being a good receiving tight end that isn’t ever more than a solid blocker in the NFL. I really like his potential as a developmental prospect, but a lot of that depends on his work ethic which I haven’t been able to evaluate.

Projection: 4th round. He could go a bit earlier than this but I think the 4th round would be fair value for him. He will need development and coaching up but he will be able to contribute in a year or two once he starts to improve his fundamentals.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.5
Hands: 3.5
Blocking: 2.0
Body Control: 3.5
Range: 3.5

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