Scouting Report:

Cobb is as versatile a football player as you will ever find, and that figures to make him very attractive to NFL teams.

Positives: The first thing you have to notice when you watch Cobb is his versatility. He lines up at QB in the wildcat, he plays wide receiver, he runs the ball from the wildcat and on reverses, he returns kick-offs and punts, plus he is the holder for extra points and field goals. That versatility is incredibly intriguing, plus he is a very elusive runner with the ball in his hands. He has good vision as a return man on both punts and kick-offs, plus he does a good job at finding seams as a runner and as a receiver running after the catch. He shows pretty good speed, though it isn’t elite, and changes directions fluidly and shows quickness as a route runner and as a ball carrier. He is very good at running after the catch and gaining yards after he gets the ball in his hands, and while he may not run through a lot of tackles he does a great job of avoiding them due to his natural feel for running with the ball. He catches the ball well with his hands and can make catches away from his body. He seems to time his leaps well and can high-point the ball in the air and can make catches in traffic. He also can absorb hits and hang onto the ball, which means he shouldn’t have a problem going over the middle in the NFL. He flashes the ability to create separation as a route runner, and he also flashes the ability to make some very impressive diving or one-handed catches as a receiver. He is also a very consistent return man and he rarely seemed to be tackled before the 30 yard line on kick-offs, which meant a lot of relatively short fields for Kentucky’s offense. He also gives a pretty solid effort as a blocker downfield.

Negatives: While Cobb may be a special athlete he doesn’t have elite speed which hurts him when trying to create separation and may limit his potential to be a very effective return man in the NFL. He struggled to create consistent separation when running routes which made it hard for him to get the ball. Sometimes when he runs routes he just doesn’t look very fast, but then he seems to have another gear when he is running with the ball in his hands. I think he can learn to be an effective route runner, but he will need some coaching up to become a good one. I think he has the quickness necessary to run good routes, he just has to work at it. This also isn’t a serious issue, but Cobb could work on ball security once he gets to the NFL. He usually has the ball pretty secure, but he fumbled a couple times in the games that I saw of him as a junior. Cobb will occasionally drop catchable passes which definitely isn’t a reflection of his hands which are good, I think it has more to do with a drop in concentration or more likely with him rushing to catch the ball so he can make a move to get yardage after the catch. He also muffed a couple of punts in the games that I watched of him as a junior and while he doesn’t usually have a problem with that I think it was because he was looking to run before he had control of the ball.

Overall: I am a big fan of Cobb. I have been trying to bring some attention to his abilities since last June after I watched a couple of his games as a sophomore. I was actually watching them to try to evaluate Mike Hartline going into his senior season but Cobb just jumped off the tape and I have been high on him ever since. He may not be an elite athlete as far as his 40 time and other tests are considered, but when you put a football in his hands he will make guys miss and get yardage after the catch or after he fields a punt. He is such a fluid runner with the ball and he is so elusive that it is just fun to watch him make plays in the open field. I love his versatility and I think a lot of NFL teams will value that as well, and I really think he can be a special player in the NFL. He is just so valuable as a receiver, runner, return man and even occasionally a passer that I think he will have a successful NFL career if he continues to work hard. If he can improve his route running to help him create some more separation I think he can be a very good #2 receiver, though I don’t think he will ever be an elite #1 WR.

Projection: Early-mid 2nd round. I would pick him in the late 1st round but I am a big fan of his, but I would be shocked if he made it out of the top 45-50 selections.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 3.5
Hands: 3.5
After Catch: 4.5
Body Control: 3.5
Range: 3.5

Thanks for reading!