Scouting Report:

Amukamara may be the most well-rounded corner in this draft.

Positives: Good combination of size and speed for the corner position. Looks fluid when turning and running with receivers, and looks good in man coverage. Does a very good job of mirroring his man when he makes a break and is regularly in the hip pocket of his man, especially against bigger, more physical receivers. Shows some ability to jam at the line and likes to try to get physical. Shows good ability in run support when setting the edge and does a nice job of making open field stops. Rarely gives up a catch and misses a tackle, which is good. Plays through the whistle and gives good effort and is good in pursuit. Shows good instincts in zone coverage and has a good burst to close to break up passes in front of him and has good ball skills to knock the ball away and make the interception. Locates the ball well in the air and does a solid job of timing his leaps to make a play on the ball.

Negatives: Amukamara is a fundamentally sound player, but he isn’t very good at jamming at the line of scrimmage and while he has good recovery speed he gets himself out of position by trying an aggressive jam and whiffing more than I would like to see. He mirrors receivers well but he will bite on some double moves when trying to take away shorter passes and when he does he will get antsy and a bit grabby which has drawn some flags on him. He also has a tendency to knock the receiver off his route once he is downfield at times and that will draw an illegal contact penalty in the NFL. Amukamara shows impressive tackling skills but he rarely makes plays at the line of scrimmage. I don’t think he reads run very well and while he will definitely involve himself in plays and take on bigger ball carriers he doesn’t attack blocks from receivers and shed them very well. He shows that he can wrap up effectively but he needs to do that more often. His footwork also leaves something to be desired, and his back-pedal can be too high at times.

Overall: Amukamara definitely has #1 corner potential, especially because of his ability in man coverage. He has the size, speed, quickness and ball skills to be a very effective man coverage corner in the NFL and that should make him a hot commodity come draft day. He also supports the run pretty well for a corner back and while he won’t be the next Antoine Winfield he will definitely make open field tackles when asked to and won’t give up a lot of YAC because of missed tackles after a reception. He should be at his best when defending bigger, more physical receivers in the NFL because of his size and physicality, plus they will be easier for him to mirror. He has some trouble with smaller, quicker receivers even though he is a fast player. He won’t have problems in zone coverage either as he has shown he can click and close when coming out of his back-pedal and he has a good burst to close. Amukamara is a very well-rounded corner and while he may not be an elite athlete or man coverage corner he should be a very good NFL player for a long time.

Projection: Top 15. I can’t fathom Amukamara sliding out of the top 15 but he could make it out of the top 10. But Houston, Minnesota and Detroit could all conceivably take Amukamara if he fell that far.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Speed: 4.0
Man Coverage: 4.0
Zone Coverage: 3.5
Tackling: 3.5
Ball Skills: 4.0

Thanks for reading!