Carimi should have a long, solid career at RT unless his issues with waist-bending are more serious than they seem to be.

Scouting Report:

Positives: Good size, good strength and pretty good athleticism for the position. He is pretty good out of his stance, has pretty good footwork in pass protection and has a good initial punch as a pass blocker and a run blocker. He has surprisingly good mobility and does a good job of combo-blocking and getting to the second level to engage linebackers. He regularly gets a good push in the running game, and has a good enough first step to down-block on a defensive tackle if need be, and he does a good job of either driving a defender downfield or getting in position and sealing them off to create a hole.

Negatives: He ends up on the ground a surprising amount. He tends to lean into his blocks and bend at the waist after the initial push, which is a definite concern, and it makes it harder for him to sustain his blocks and leads to him getting discarded violently which leads to him falling down. For that reason I think his technique needs work, which you wouldn’t think considering he just won the award for best offensive lineman this year. However, I do think he needs to work on it. I don’t know if you can coach a player that has come this far to not lean into blocks so much or bend at the waist as much, but it could definitely hurt him as a prospect and as a NFL player. He also won’t be able to stick at LT in the NFL in my opinion. I think he could be a solid back-up that could move over from RT in the event of an injury to the starter, but he struggles with very quick speed rushers. He also doesn’t always do a great job of sustaining in pass protection, and when he can’t sustain and keep his hands on the defender (especially quicker players) they can swat away his hands and burst by him.

Overall: I wasn’t sure how much I liked Carimi when I was first paying close attention to him but I have definitely changed my mind since watching the rest of my tape on him and seeing how he performed at the Senior Bowl practices. He is a legitimate first round prospect as a RT and presents a lot of value because he could play LT in a pinch if your regular starter at that spot couldn’t go for some reason. He has definite pro-bowl potential because of his ability in the run game and as long as he doesn’t have to constantly face great speed rushers he should be a very effective pass blocker in the NFL also. He could potentially start as a rookie also, even if he will struggle a bit like any rookie offensive lineman would.

Projection: Top 25: If Carimi slides out of the top 25 there will be a lot of people looking to trade up and get him. He has really helped his stock this offseason, especially with his performance during the Senior Bowl. I definitely think he will come off the board in the top 25 and if not then then in the first round.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite


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